Smith & Brink attorneys represent clients in disputes and courts across the United States, each bringing significant experience and knowledge.

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Andrew T. Apjohn, 657-0112
Hugh C.M. Brady, 657-0151
David O. Brink, 657-0120
Matthew A. Brooks, 521-9000
Jodi L. Conners, 770-2214
Andrew DeNinno, 657-0713
Caitlin E. Flanagan, 657-0176
Jasmine Garcia-Vieux, Esq.New 710-0050
Adam G. Gutbezahl, 770-2214
Lindbergh H. Hmung, Esq.New 710-0050
Victor M. Ivanoff, Esq.New 710-0050
Richard D. King, Jr., Esq.Massachusetts, New 750-1201
Chenchen (Nancy) Lu, 521-9000
Nastaran M. Makhani, Esq.New 710-0050
Jason E. Maltzman, 521-9000
Joseph A. Marino IV, 770-2214
Lynn McCarthy, 657-0107
Jacquelyn A. McEttrick, Esq.Massachusetts, 770-2214
Bruce Medoff, 770-2214
Jane Kent Mills, 521-9000
Kevin J. Peters, 521-9000
Kelsey A. Pinney, 521-9000
Emily S. Schierhorst, Esq.New 710-0050
Michael D. Schollard, 657-0131
Frederick D. Smith, Jr., 657-0124
Richard Steigman, Esq.New 710-0050
Shauna L. Sullivan, Esq.Massachusetts, New 770-2214
William Tait, Jr., 746-8122
John D. Tertan, 657-0147
Nathan A. Tilden, Esq.Massachusetts, Michigan, New 770-2214
Amanda J. Timperman-Freda, 770-2214
Sean M. Walsh, 521-9000
Michael W. Whitcher, Esq.Massachusetts, New 770-2214
James Yesu, 746-8122
John N. Yokow, 657-0184